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On the phone or in person, listening is the single most important service skill. And while people assume they know how to listen, the truth is that listening is a technique, which most people will practice and refine throughout their careers.

In the training guide, Effective Listening, the authors take readers through eight steps to become a better “service listener.” The second step, “listen with your body” often comes as a surprise to new and experienced reps.

“It may sound silly but good listeners know how to really throw their bodies into it,” say the authors. That’s right, service listening requires more than a set of ears. In fact, if you’re really listening to a customer, you should get a little tired after the conversation. To use your whole body, sit up straight and assume a position of concentration. Even if you are on the phone and can’t see the customer, you can still give him or her your full attention and as an added bonus, your good posture will enhance your voice quality

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